We create websites because we want to share with the world at large.  But what if nobody knows you exist?  Then you had better like self-affirmation.

I have been keeping a log of what I have been doing to try to get the word out about this website of mine.  It is now February 1, 2012.  Since this site went live on January 16, 2012 I have had precisely ONE visitor.  However, that is about to change because of the work I have been doing for the past two weeks.  Specifically, this is what I have done:

January 24

  • How To Do WordPress, the heart of the site completed.
  • Requested that Google crawl my site
  • Site submitted to the following directories:
    • Directory World
    • rDirectory
    • Zeal
    • DMOZ

January 25

  • Signed up for FeedBurner
  • Created a Twitter account
  • Created a Facebook account (still some work to be done however)

January 30

  • Used an SEO tool provided by my host, HostGator, which submitted this site to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and one other (that has slipped my mind)
  • Added huge list of URIs to ping when this site is updated (thank you MaxBlogPress  for the list)

February 1

  • You will have to read below what has happened  😉

In addition I have been active on several forums building up my reputation and including references to this site throughout the past two weeks.  Building quality backlinks is hard work and takes time, but they are valuable and do not depreciate quickly.

But the one thing I have done that will give me the most juice is submitting an article to ezine Articles with a backlink to this site.  Just today I was notified that it was accepted for publication.  A link from an authority site such as this lets Google know that I am creditable on the topic that I have written about.  If you have not seen the article, you can find it here: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a WordPress Webpage.  It is shorter than what you will find on this website as I had to be succinct but you will note how it follows the same basic steps as I have outlined here.

Now I am by no means done!  This is just the beginning of building this site’s presence on the web and I will continue to document it, along with the results right here.  On the agenda still:

  • Write another article for publication in about a week
  • Continue to be active in forums
  • Make better use of Facebook

Steady work will pay off.

For my step-by-step guide to getting a WordPress site built visit my How To Do WordPress link in the menu above, or just click the link in this post.


Looking to learn how to create your own WordPress blog?

Then head over to my step by step instructions on how to do WordPress!

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