I am of the mindset to always upgrade my theme and plugins when a new version is available.  I rationalize this by believing that if everything is of the most recent version the pieces are most likely to work together seamlessly.  In so doing, I tripped myself up.

I use Google Analytics to track this website.  To do so involves pasting a snippet of code into the header of each page that enables Google to peek under the hood if you will.  In updating the site I reinstalled my header file and therefore deleted the Google code.  For the past few days my site traffic looks to have flatlined, while I know that this is not so.

Another side effect is that I had changed the font color from the stock grey to a darker color to make this blog easier to read.  Alas this change got lost as well.  Luckily I remember that I wrote up how to change this so all I have to do is go through my article archive and follow the instructions.

So remember: if you update your theme you may lose modifications that you made to your site.  Probably not terminal to the health of your site, but definitely a bit annoying.

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