Sometimes when blogging you have several great ideas at once, and other times you have none.  By scheduling your posts you can smooth out your production and insure a steady flow of interesting posts for your readers.

How to Schedule a Post Using WordPress

There are days when you can sit and write five posts, and then there are sometimes weeks where you cannot think of anything worthwhile to write.  By scheduling posts you can write all you want when your muse inspires you and set them up to post at a later date.

Step 1: Write Your Post

WordPress Publish Menu

WordPress Publish Menu

Clearly you need to begin by writing a post.

Step 2:  Alter Publishing Method

Look at the menu items on the right side of the post editing page.  Yours may not look exactly the same as mine because of various plugins that you or I may have.

One of the sections of menu options is labeled “Publish”.  Within that section there is an option with a little calendar symbol that says “Publish immediately Edit“.

Click the “Edit” link on your menu page (not on this page – the  “Edit“s on this page are not actually links to anything).

Step 3:  Select Publication Date and Time

Setting Publish Time in WordPress

Setting Publish Time in WordPress

When you click on the “Edit” link, a new box opens up allowing you to set the date and time to publish your post.  Simply select the Month from the dropdown list, the date and the year, and set the time if you would like.

Click the “OK” button.

Step 4:  Schedule

The last thing that you need to do is be sure to click on the blue “Schedule” button.  If you don’t, your post will never go live!

Click Schedule

Click Schedule

Closing Thoughts

While I just picked a random date and time for this article, you may want to take a look at your blog’s visitor log to see when people visit your site.  If the majority of your visitors arrive between 2 and 5 pm, you probably do not want to schedule your post to appear after that time.  Personally I would schedule the post to go up between 1 and 2 pm, so that most of my readers get a new article when they visit.

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