I have got several sites up and running since I started with WordPress last year, but I can still make mistakes.  Had I followed my own instructions, I would not have been scratching my head for a couple of days, and spent a few hours troubleshooting a WordPress installation.

As is usual for me now, I registered my domain with NameCheap, and arranged for hosting through HostGator.  I then went to my control panel at HostGator and installed WordPress with Fantastico De Luxe and tried to log into my new WordPress website.  No dice.  I got an internal server error.  (You experienced people should already know what I did, or rather did not do.)

Another symptom was also making itself evident as well.  I was not receiving any email to the account I had set up.  My test emails from another account were bouncing.  Email from HostGator was making it though.  Very mysterious, but also a very obvious clue when you know what is going on.

So the mistake I made was in not moving the domain name to the host.  If you do not change the nameservers at your domain registrar, the internet does not know where your domain lives.  And if the internet does not know where you live, then when you type in a web address you cannot be found.  Same problem with email.  If nobody knows what town you live in it is unlikely that your mail ever arrives.

So remember.  No matter how big of a rush you get into, you have to do things step by step to insure that things work properly.  Miss a step and you are left wondering why the machine is broken.


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