Sorry to have disappeared there for a bit!  I have a couple of articles on using Google’s administration tools in the can that should get posted in a few days.

My HP laptop’s screen decided that it had enough and quit on me, which makes it damn hard to write posts!  I’ve received my new Toshiba from Tiger Direct and I’m very happy with it so far.  Of course, one day is not enough time to really get to know one’s new system.

I had a Toshiba back in school, which I loved.  Until I dropped it and broke the screen.  then I got an HP whose keyboard decided to wear out.  Well, not the whole keyboard.  Only a few letters.  I do not use the “W” very often, but when I need it…

My last HP had the screen crap out.  It would come up for a while if I only opened the cover 30 degrees or so, so it was clear that it was not going to be long for this world.  What a disappointment that system was.

So I am back with Toshiba, and this time I actually bought the extended warranty as well.  Now I know, these are supposed to be terrible deals.  Normally I never get these, but since my last two laptops have both suffered mechanical failures after 18 months or so I am tired of having to buy a whole new system.  I would rather pay the $100 now than ten times that in a year and a half.

It is a Square Trade warranty, which covers up to my purchase price in repairs.  If something breaks and there is sufficient coverage, they fix it.  If something breaks and there is not enough, they send me a check.  So it is not unlimited, with the lifetime limit of the purhase price, but how many failures should I expect in 3 years?  So if something breaks 35 months from now, and it is more expensive to fix than what I paid, I get a full refund of my purchase price.  I am kinda hoping for that actually…

Now accidential damage, such as a spill or a drop is not covered by default.  So my first Toshiba would not have been covered.  You can purchase that as well but it is expensive.  I am still so careful because of that first drop that I am now extra careful.

In a few days I will add the screenshots to the Google article explaining how to add Analytics to your site and we will be back up and running!


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