Move Your Domain Name to Your Host

You need to move your domain name to your host if you bought your domain name from a separate outfit than your hosting service, as I do because it is a bit less expensive.

You will need to know what your nameservers are.  If you chose to host with HostGator, you will see a block of information at the bottom left of your cPanel.  It looks like this:

Nameservers information on HostGator

Clearly you will not see black boxes, but I had to redact some information to reduce my chances of getting hacked.  The important information for you here are the Name Servers.  They will be of the format “”.

The next step is easiest if you open a new browser window or tab so that you can switch between your host and your domain registrar.  In this new window, log into your domain registrar’s website.  If you used NameCheap, once you have logged in you can select the Manage Domains option as illustrated below.

NameCheap Manage DomainsOn the following screen, select the domain that you want to transfer.

Now that you have selected your domain, new options appear in the menu along the left side of the screen.  Select Transfer DNS to Webhost.

Now is when it is useful to have your host’s nameservers information available in another window.  If you do, just cut and paste the information into lines 1 and 2 and save the information and you are done.

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