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So you have registered a domain name, arranged for hosting, and now finally get to install wordpress.  Luckily it is not very hard to do if you have selected a host such as HostGator.  HostGator provides a control panel called cPanel.  Through cPanel you can control your website without knowing the technical things that are happening in the background.  For most people putting up their first website, this is the preferred route.

Installing WordPress on cPanel is a matter of clicking a few times.  Fist off, follow the instructions sent to you by your hosting provider to log into your account.  If you registered with HostGator, look in the email you received with the subject “ :: Your Account Info”.  There is a stack of information in the top half of the page that includes “Your Control Panel”, “Username”, and “Password”.  With these three pieces of information you can get the ball rolling.  Click on the link provided for “Your Control Panel”.  A web browser will open and you will see a screen that includes this:

cPanel LoginEnter the username and password provided in the email.  Note that you have a different default password for your billing account, so if you are having problems logging in, make sure that you are using the right password (unlike I did my first time).

Successful login yields the control panel.  As you can see from the image below, it looks like any other icon driven interface.  Most of the options you probably will not end up using.

HostGator Control Panel

The particular program that you are looking for is Fantastico DeLuxe.  You can scroll down until you find it, or you can type the name in the the “Find” box, as illustrated below.

HostGator Fantastico

Clicking on the Fantastico icon will launch it, and the screen from which you can actually install WordPress will appear.  Simply click the WordPress option.

WordPress installationThe follow-up screen is where you actually install WordPress.  There is a link provided to go to the WordPress site as well as the support forum, and as a beginner it is worthwhile that you know where to get support.  Click the “New Installation” link to begin installing WordPress.

Clicking “New Installation” will bring you to another page that asks you to set up your WordPress webpage’s administrator account.  Your WordPress username and your hosting service’s username do not have to match.  I personally have different usernames and passwords.  Do not choose silly options like “admin” and “password” that are easy to guess.  Once you have made your choices, click the “Install WordPress” button.

A status screen will pop up with information about your install:

Note that the “<<hosting svc user>>” will contain a name that is relevant to you.  Since I deleted my information for this image, I had to replace it with something.

A simple click of “Finish Installation” and you are done.  A final status screen appears to tell you what just happened.  There is an option on it to send yourself an email with details of the installation, which you might want to do.  (I have never looked at the emails I got, but I figure if there is ever a problem it probably has some useful information.)

You have installed WordPress!  Now the fun can really start.  Navigate to and log in to get started.

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