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You must get WordPress Hosted.  Since you want to have the flexibility of the available plugins (17,942 as of this writing), you need to have your site hosted somewhere.  After trying a few hosts, I settled on HostGator, though I certainly have nothing bad to say about the others.

When you arrive at HostGator, you will see a screen that looks like the image below.  On this page follow the “Web Hosting” link to begin the process of signing up.

HostGator Main Screen

Once the following page loads, you will have to choose what kind of plan you wish to buy.  Ths screen looks like the image below.  Clearly I cannot advise you on what fits your needs as I do not know what they are, but if this is your first site and you are just starting out why not start with the least expensive?  You can always upgrade down the road if your needs change, and the 24/7 phone support can help you navigate that process.

HostGator Hosting Options

Now comes the part where how you registered your domain name comes into play.  Once you have chosen what kind of hosting you want, you have to assign your domain to your host.  If you registered your name elsewhere, such as NameCheap, then you will select the right option (#1), if you have not registered your domain, then you will select the left option (#2), and have the option to purchase it here.

HostGator Domain ChoiceAssuming that you entered a domain name, then you are almost done.  A simple shopping cart experience later and that is it.  Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a website.  Now go do something with it!

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