So the first thing that I need to do is decide where to host the site.  I’ve found at least a dozen different hosts that all seem to be pretty much price equivalent.  I’ve no experience on determining what features to pursue or how to judge ease of use so I’m just going to pick HostGator.  It may be faint praise, but there’s nothing that I don’t like about their site.  Also, since I want to have the site support itself, and I’m sure that all the Hostgator banners I see on other blogs are paid advertisements, I want to get in on that action.  (If I advertise, I’d like to believe in the product that is being sold, and the best way to do that is to use it).

Okay, now that I know who will host my beginning WordPress blog, I need a name.  Amazingly, is available, so I’m taking it.  The process was pretty painless.  I think I have a website, though you’d think that they’d send a confirmation email.  Aha!  It just came in.  I am the proud owner of!

The welcome email has some info including my username and password.  If I follow the link to my control panel, I get a login page that appears to be called “C Panel”.  The provided username and password work, and I’m now in.  Great.  What now?

A popup window has appeared asking if I’d like to watch a video on the Getting Started Wizard, which seems like a good idea.  I’m a bit overwhelmed by everything, but I see there is a way to watch the video again if I want, which I’ll do after a few days of poking around.

A utility named Access Web Disk is apparently needed (or at least helpful) to load files to the website.  I had problems installing it through my IE, so I used FireFox instead.  (There’s some setting somewhere in my IE that causes some web tasks to not work correctly and I’ve not been able to find it).  And I can’t figure out how to open up my firewall for this.  Time to figure out if it’s vital or just useful.

While I was up getting a Coke, HostGator called me to verify that I had actually placed an order with them.  When I confirmed that I did and my method of payment, they thanked me and told me that my account would be fully functional within 10 minutes.  Is the this source of my problem?  We’ll see in ten minutes…  Nope, it looks like my firewall is blocking Access Web Disk.  Good thing I’ve determined that it’s not necessary to have.

Next stop, installing WordPress.


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