So I’ve registered my domain and arranged for hosting, and poked around a bit of CPanel.  I still have no idea what I’m doing though.  Time to upload WordPress.

To upload WordPress, I’ve signed into my CPanel and found “Fantastico De Luxe”.  I’m told that this will allow me to install WordPress.  Opening it I see a list of links down the left side of the page, one of which is WordPress.  So I click on it and now have a link to click for a new installation, which I’ve clicked.

The first of three screens concerns the administrative ID and password, which I dutifully fill in and click Install.  Some stuff pops up about installing a MySQL database and I click Finish.  A screen pops up telling me my admin username and password and a button to return to the WordPress overview.  Lacking other options, I click it.  The overview tells me that I now have an instance of 3.3.1 installed.  Yay for me.  Hey!  I’ve got a site now!  Using my username and password I can log in and get to what appears to be the WordPress dashboard.

Since I don’t want a generic looking website I need to find a new theme.  By clicking on the Appearance option on the left of the screen I get to the Themes screen.  I only have the theme that comes with WordPress right now, so I’m going to have to install a new one.  This will take a while, so I’m signing off.


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