I like to think that when we build blogs we like to show a bit of ourselves to the world.  It is hard to do that if we sport somebody else’s logo, even if we like and use their products.  I like and use Elegant Themes for my blogs because I get a lot of choices for a reasonable price, but that does not mean that I want the stock logos on my sites.  So how does one go about changing a logo?

I am currently helping to put together a hobby site named Spotting Round* and have chosen The Source theme for the site.  This is what the header looks like out of the box:

It is a nice logo, and it certainly is more professional that what I will replace it with, but it is not mine and it is not my site name, so it has to go.  First thing I did was create my logo using word art in Microsoft Word.  Word art is just a way to create fancy lettering and is a stock part of the MS product.  My logo is below.  As you can see, it is not bad, but it really is not a professional job.  Who cares!  This is not my profession!  So take a moment and create your logo, because we will need it in a few minutes.

Here is the logo I created – I sweated over it for all of two minutes.  Note that my logo is not the same size as “thesource” above.  This will cause an issue in a moment.

So lets go change our logo.  Under the “Appearance” menu option of your WordPress Dashboard select “TheSource Theme Options”, as pictured in the image to the left below.  Once you have done so, you will see the epanel pictured below.  Note how the very first option in the epanel is for the logo.  Very convenient.










Select the Upload Image option, and you will be given the opportunity to search for the logo you created on your computer.




Once you have selected your logo file, scroll down to the bottom of the window that you are in and make a few small changes.  Because this is my logo, I select the “None” radio button for the alignment, I select the “Full Size” size option, and then I click the “Use for Logo” button.

You need to remember to click the Save button at the bottom of your epanel or else the actions you took above will not stick.  (In writing this example I did just that and was puzzled for half a second when my nice, shiny new logo did not appear as expected).  So once you hit save, you can now test-view your site.  Voila!  Here is the new logo, looking good.

Spotting Round Logo

Logo for SpottingRound.com


* A spotting round is a single artillery shot fired when the gunners are being told where to shoot at a target they cannot see, by somebody who can observe the target.  They shoot a single shot so that the observe can tell them how to adjust their aim to hit the target.

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