As I type this, I don’t even have a blog yet.  This post was actually written before the website was even started!  Why do it this way?  Because I want to document every victory and every mistake I make as a beginning WordPress User.  Hopefully at least one person out there in cyberspace will find something useful in this blog.

The first decision that I made is that I want the site to pay for itself.  I don’t expect to retire on it, but I sure wouldn’t matter if the site picked up its own tab.  I’ve never tried to get a website to support itself before either, so I’m a two-time neophyte.  Because of this direction, I’m going to pay to have my site hosted instead of being a free WordPress blog.  Plugins, widgets, and who knows what else await me.  What am I getting into?

I used to be competent at computer programming.  Slinging code since I was a kid, I could cobble together code to make things happen.  I got an engineering degree and went into industry, then returned and got an MBA in order to move to the business side of business.  Since 2002 I haven’t written anything more complex than an Excel formula.  And I don’t want to relearn how to program.

So from manually coding HTML in the 90’s to being completely obsolete in 2012, I am returning to technology with the same knowlege as anybody else.  Perhaps that old foundation will make itself seen, but if I have to write any code I’ve failed in my goal.

My goal is simple.  Beginning WordPress from square 1.  Knowing nothing about the technology and what it can do today, and hopefully being able to put together a halfway decent blog about something interesting down the road.  I’m not afraid to shell out a few bucks on software that will make my life easier, but I don’t want to blow a grand on this either.

So let’s begin!


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