Beginning WordPress has been dormant for quite some time as I’ve been too busy to keep it up.  That’s one of the big problems with Blogging.  Real Life tends to get in the way.

New Theme – Divi from Elegant Themes

As part of the relaunch of the site, I’ve gone ahead and installed a new theme.  I still love Elegant Themes due to the variety of choices available, and the theme I’ve just installed, Divi, promises to be the best of the batch.  Filled with ways to customize it, I think this will be a fun theme to work with.  Now all I have to do is learn the darn thing…

Coming Soon – Updated How-To Guide

The how-to guide on this site is a bit dated.  For the most part all of the steps are the same to get started with WordPress, but the graphics are no longer current.  I’m going to try and get those straightened out in the next few weeks.  I still endorse the same companies that I’ve been doing business with since I started, namely NameCheap and HostGator.  I’ve been with them three years now and have not had any problems.

While the site was a good, high-level guide it lacked both depth and breadth.  I’m going to try and rectify that with good, beginner-level articles that tackle one small thing at a time.  If the servings are bite-sized, then they should be more useful.  If we wanted to search through pages and pages of techno-speak, we’d buy a book, right?

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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