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A few days ago I posted about changing the logo on a blog that I am working on that uses Elegant Themes’ TheSource theme, and the images had a very generic Tagline next to the logo.  In response to an inquiry, here is how to change that tagline to something more interesting.  It is really quite simple, and you will never read this post twice.


From your WordPress dashboard, select the Themes option from the Appearance menu item.  This will result in a screen that gives you some options to alter your theme.  Select the “Customize” option on that page.  This will launch a page that will enable you to alter some of the basic settings of this theme.



Once the subsequent page opens, simply expand the first option “Site Title & Tagline”.  Boxes will appear in which you can edit the site title and tagline.  Simply make your edits, click the “Save & Publish” button at the top of the screen and your tagline is changed.

As I said, so easy that you will never visit this post twice.

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