I received an email today from a reader who had an excellent question.  She asked how does one add an email address through cPanel.  Easy enough, once you know how.

You will generally want at least one email account to use with your WordPress website, assuming you want people to contact you.  You could of course use your primary account, but anything posted on the net is a target for spammers and it is easier to change an dedicated email address than the one you use for your whole life.

To add an email through cPanel, begin by logging into your hosting service.  Your cPanel should appear.  (At least it does if you are using HostGator).

cPanel - Email Accounts

The email accounts icon on HostGator's cPanel

Once clicked, you will see the following on your screen.  You will, of course, need a name as password.  For the purposes of this example I used the names “example” and “second example”, but you should certainly use something relevant to you.  It is your site after all.

HostGator Create Email Account

HostGator cPanel Create Email Account

Finally you will have to decide how much storage you want this email account to have.  250 MB is the default, and if there is only one email account then do not worry about it.  If you are going to have many accounts, then you will probably want to cut it down.  Click “Create Account” when done.

You will get a confirmation bar indicating that you have successfully created your email account.

HostGator Email Account Creation Confirmation

The Confirmation Bar That You Have Successfully Created an Email Account

Now that you have created an email account, how to access it.  Look in the list of email accounts below the account creation box.  All the way to the right is a dropdown box labeled “More”.  Click it and select “Access Webmail”.

HostGator cPanel Email Account List

The Email Account List

This will bring you to a new page that list the email interface programs that you can use.  It makes no difference which one you choose.  They all look different, but you can do the same things with all of them.

HostGator email client choices

HostGator Email Client Choices

You have two choices below each of the three email clients.  The first choice, “Read Mail Using XXXXX” will launch the email program and you will be able to start reading and sending emails.  The second option, “[Enable AutoLoad]”, will allow you to set up the system so that it automaticaly loads the email client when you select the email account on the previous screen.  I suggest that you do not change the time delay to less than 2 seconds as it becomes hard to select anything else on the screen if you do.

So there you go!  You now have an email address all to yourself!


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