So here I am, a huge believer in the power of plugins and yet I am warning you about them?  What gives, Nick?

I am now using a service to post my content to social media.  Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc.  It is too exhausing to do it all manually, so I I will write that service up down the road a bit, but for irght now I just want to warn you about what happened to me.

After I signed up, Google was reporting my traffic as a flatline zero.  What the heck?  Did I get banned?

I also use Google Webmaster Tools.  So I went to investigate what it had to say about my site and, much to my surprise, I found that it said that I was not the registered owner of the site.  Now I get really worried.  Have I been hacked?

I zip over to my site and log in.  No problem there.  I am not locked out.  I verify that the site is up and displaying properly.  Again, nothing wrong here.  So I have not been hacked.  What else can it be?

If you check out my article on registering for Google Analytics, there is a part about inserting code before the </head> tag.  This snippet of code is how Google Webmaster tools verify that you are the owner.  No code, no ownership.  My code had disappeared.

So here’s my theory.  When I installed my social media management plugin, my header got rewritten.  Part of that rewriting deleted the google snippet that was there.  My solution was to paste it back in.  Now everything appears to be working correctly again.

So take this as a warning.  If you change something on your site, such as adding a new plugin, and suddenly something else stops working, you may have to do a bit of detective work to find out what happened.  If things are really messed up, just restore your backup (you do back up your site, don’t you?).

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